MEC - By the Numbers

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MEC - By the Numbers

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With the 2017 Monster Energy Cup less than three weeks away, we wanted to dig up some of the numbers behind the world’s biggest Supercross race. Of course, the most popular number involved with the event is $1,000,000, which goes to the racer who wins all three 10-Lap Main Events. That’s an impressive number, no matter what you associate it with! That said, there is a lot that goes into creating the event, so let’s dig into some serious numbers!



The amount of U.S. Dollars the overall winner of the MEC is awarded (if he doesn’t get the million).



Yards of dirt required to create the track itself. More dirt than ever has been brought in to construct the 2017 design, and it will be easy to recognize!



The length in feet of the Joker Lane for 2017. Remember, the most important aspect of the Joker Lane is not to FORGET the Joker Lane!



Number of 2016 Amateur All-Star class winner Cameron McAdoo.



Feet of racetrack the racers will travel on the split start before converging.



Number of 2016 Supermini class winner Stilez Robertson




Number of 2011 Supermini class winner Adam Cianciarulo. Also Adam’s new AMA career number.



Feet between the starting gates for this year’s event.



Total pieces of heavy equipment needed to build the track



Riders on the gate for every Main Event!



The width in feet of a standard racing lane



AMA career number of 2014 Monster Energy Cup overall winner Davi Millsaps.



How many feet high the elevated starts are for 2017.



Amount of points that James Stewart earned to win the 2013 MEC via 8-1-1 finishes. The most in MEC history.



The amount of times Ryan Dungey finished in 2nd place in a main event at the MEC!



Straight Main Event wins between the Supermini and Amateur All-Star classes for “Mr. Undefeated” Austin Forkner.


Also, six previous years of the MEC and there have been six different winners.



Times that #5 Ryan Dungey has finished runner-up in the overall event standings!



The number of riders who have won the MEC twice.