2020 Supplemental Rules


Supercross Futures 2020 Schedule


Competing in a Supercross Futures Event can qualify you for the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship which will be held at a date and venue to be determined. See section 4.1, SUPERCROSS FUTURES AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP PROCEDURE AND INFORMATION.


Download the 2020 Supplemental Rules as a Printable PDF.



General Rules

Series Information
Photo ID Requirements Guardianship
AMA Membership
Pit/Paddock Regulations Mechanics Pass
Pit Access Hours
Saturday Registration
Sunday Race Day Schedule Spectator and Pit Access Tickets

Drug and Alcohol Policy

On Track Conduct
Team Space Area
Team Vehicles/Motor Coaches/Rider Support
Paddock Hours/Times/Parking
General Paddock Restrictions
Trash/Fuel/Oil/Coolant Dumping



National Advancement System
Open A Class
Road to Supercross through the 250SX Futures Class 250SX Class License Eligibility
Race Number
Frame Number
Heat Race Gate Preference
Starting Line
Finish Line

Race Finishes



4.1 Supercross Futures AMA National Championship





Gate Preference


Race Day Details

Additional Information

5.1 Class Designations




General Rules:
Feld Entertainment strictly adheres and enforces all venue guidelines at each respected event venue.
Series Information:
For series information, contact Shelby Quast at Feld Entertainment at 703-749-5541 or sx[email protected]
Photo ID Requirements:
All participants must present a valid driver’s license or valid photo ID at event registration. If under the age of 18 your parent/guardian MUST sign release forms and remain present with the minor all day. Your parent/guardian must present a valid driver’s license or valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If you are a parent of an underage rider that is not planning to attend with the minor, you must download and submit legal guardian documentation from our website at https://cdn.supercrosslive.com/s3fs-public/ParentalConfirmationAgreement%20SXF%202020.pdf


AMA Membership
An AMA membership is required to compete in Supercross Futures and proof of membership must be presented at registration. AMA memberships available at https://fs4.formsite.com/AMARacing/4jkjxulc77/fill?id84=FELDAX or call 1-800-AMA-JOIN/1-800-262-5646 (recommended for immediate service)

  • One Year = $49
  • One Year Youth = $29
  • One Event = $20
  • One Year Family = $99 (online only)


For Information on obtaining additional Rider Medical Insurance Coverage for Supercross Futures contact the AMA at 1-800-AMA-JOIN (secondary coverage only).


Register online at www.supercrossfutures.com. With the popularity of the event, rider spots are limited in each class. Pre-registered riders will receive gate pick preference for heat races. Pre-registration deadline is 11:59PM EST the Tuesday before the event. Should a class not fill up, on-site registration will be available on Saturday from 11:00pm-5:00pm. No Sunday entry will be permitted. Times are subject to change.

Pit / Paddock Regulations:
Persons less then 16 years of age are not allowed in mechanic’s area or other restricted areas.

Mechanic’s Pass:
A valid photo ID is required to purchase a mechanic’s pass. Each rider is allowed one mechanic to accompany the rider through staging and in the designated mechanic’s area. A mechanic’s pass also allows you access to the pits as well as general admission during the Supercross Futures event. A designated rider/mechanic’s seating area will be assigned at each event. Mechanic’s passes are available for purchase onsite in the registration area. Persons less then 16 years of age are not allowed in mechanic’s area.

Pit Access Hours:
Sunday: 5:00 am – 6:30 pm

Saturday Registration:

  • (Registration times subject to change)
  • Registration: 11:00am - 5:00pm
  • There will be NO registration on-site Sunday morning.
  • Rider registration, signup information, and associated costs are available online at www.supercrossfutures.com

Sunday Race Day Schedule:
(Schedule is subject to change)

  • Track Walk: 7:00 am
  • Riders Meeting: 7:15 am
  • Practice: 8:00 am
  • Heat races: after practice
  • LCQs: after heats
  • Mains: after LCQs

Spectator and Pit Access Tickets:

  • Tickets are available at the venue box office or online at www.supercrossfutures.com. The ticket will allow you access to both the designated spectator seating as well as the pits.
  • Tickets will allow you into the pits at the following times.
    • Sunday: 5:00 am
  • Tickets will allow you into the facility at the following times:
    • Sunday: 7:30 am
    • (Times may vary depending on venue)

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

All race personnel, officials, riders, mechanics and anyone associated with riders and photographers must not consume or be under the influence of intoxicants or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability. Besides affecting the safety of the meet, any such use is inconsistent with the concept of good sportsmanship and is harmful to the sport of motorcycling. Anyone found to be in violation of these policies is subject to disciplinary actions and can lead to forfeiture of AMA membership or event credential.


On Track Conduct:
Access to the racetrack is a privilege. Conduct on and around the racetrack is outlined below.

  • Respect the people around you. Including but not limited to: riders, team members, Feld staff, AMA staff, medical staff, flaggers, security staff, building staff, tv staff, and photographers. Foul language and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Stay in approved areas at all times. NEVER cross track lanes when riders are on the track. (This includes after the checkered flag is thrown until the last bike is off the track)
  • Mechanics must remain in the mechanic’s area at all times while riders are on the track. At no time is a mechanic allowed out of the mechanic area to other portions of the track.
  • Team managers must remain in the manager’s tower for the entire duration of the race or practice. When crossing track lanes is required for access to the tower, managers must use the most direct route that crosses the least amount of track. Managers may only cross track lanes prior to and after a practice or race. Never cross a hot track and ensure the track is completely clear of all riders prior to crossing the track.
    • A team manager credential and team shirt is required to enter the team managers Tower. All team manager credentials are issued by Feld Entertainment in its sole and absolute discretion.
    • Only one team manager per team may be in the managers tower at any given time.
  • Do not leave trash on the racetrack. Trash cans will be placed around the track at appropriate locations for disposal.
  • No pictures or video may be taken from the track area without approved camera pass and appropriate photographers vest or video shirt.
  • Never walk behind or stand behind heavy equipment
  • Stay away and off the podium unless invited by the Supercross stage manager.
  • Do not sit, stand or place items on tuff blocks or cover up track signage. (This includes hanging jackets or coats behind the start gate.)
  • Open toe shoes and crutches will not be allowed on the track.


  • Mechanics’ must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • Only appropriately dressed persons displaying proper mechanic passes will be allowed in the pit, signaling and starting areas.
  • Cut-offs, sleeveless shirts and open-toe shoes are prohibited in the mechanics area, starting area and infield. Shirtless individuals are also prohibited in these areas.
  • Mechanics are encouraged to wear a collared shirt and/or uniform shirt.
  • Mechanics’ are encouraged to display the AMA patch on uniform shirts.
  • Persons less then 16 years of age are not allowed in mechanic’s area.


  • Any person caught trespassing without the proper credential or caught assisting someone to trespass on to Venue property may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
  • Designated entrances must be used when entering the Venue or paddock area.
  • Any person found breaking, climbing over, or opening the fence or otherwise entering the paddock area at a non-designated entrance gate will be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.


  • Credentials must be worn at all times while in the paddock area, on the track, or within the venue.
  • Your credential is your responsibility and is non-transferable. Persons violating this policy will be subject to removal from the venue and prosecution under applicable laws.
  • Any person who counterfeits, forges, or alters credentials (with the intent to defraud) is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
  • Feld Entertainment reserves the right to revoke credentials at any time.
  • The only proper credentials are those issued by Feld Entertainment as determined in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Credentials must be worn and visible at all times by the individuals to whom the credentials were issued; and such credentials are not transferable and may not be distributed, given away or sold.
  • Any persons violating these policies shall be subject to immediate removal/eviction from the venue and may also be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.


  • The distribution or sale of any merchandise, promotional items or marketing items is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Feld Entertainment. This includes both physical sales and online ordering by teams or team affiliates.

Team Space Area:

  • The Team Space (“Team Space”) is defined as the space in the paddock area of the event Venue (“Venue”) assigned to your team by Feld Entertainment.
  • Specific Venues may require unique paddock layouts and may therefore limit the use of a team’s awnings, umbrellas, ez-ups and other equipment.
  • ALL competitor transport vehicles must have a 40BC class fire extinguisher in their approved pit area.
  • Bicycle barricades and portable restrooms ordered by Feld Entertainment at each Venue are for pit party use and will be dispersed where needed at the sole and absolute discretion of Feld Entertainment.

Team Vehicles / Motor Coaches/ Rider Support:

  • Parking within the Venue parking lot may not be free of charge.
  • Staging is prohibited within the venue parking lot without prior approval from Feld Entertainment.
  • Pre-staging is not permitted at the venue prior to the Tuesday before the event at 5pm
  • Staging at some venues may be limited or unavailable in the days preceding the event.
  • Venues may choose to impose fines for improperly parked vehicles.

Paddock Hours / Times / Parking:

  • Working team, crew, sponsor/vendor paddock hours
    • Sunday: 5:00am- race end for Supercross Futures
  • Free parking is not guaranteed.
  • Parking is on a first come, first serve basis
  • Vehicles hauling a motorcycle/minicycle during the designated competitor parking times take precedent over personal vehicles and/or vehicles not hauling a motorcycle/minicycle.
  • Parking for vehicles not hauling a motorcycle/minicycle is not guaranteed to be free- parking fees will be determined by the Venue.

General Paddock Restrictions:

  • Drones are prohibited at all times within the paddock, venue and surrounding properties.
  • Razors, Bicycles, Hoverboards, Skateboards and all other wheeled conveyances as decided by Feld Entertainment are not to be in operation during open paddock hours.


  • Riders must use bike lanes to traverse to/from track where provided. Failure to use bike lanes may result in penalties from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
  • Select teams will be granted the privilege to use an APV (approved paddock vehicle).
  • Any APV must display an APV sticker provided by Feld Entertainment.
  • APV’s must be used for work purposes only - food, equipment, crew, and rider transportation.
  • All APV’s must be shut down and stored in the team space during open paddock hours (‘the curfew’).
  • APV use may resume after the paddock has been cleared of general admission fans.
  • Feld Entertainment reserves the right to revoke APV stickers and to prohibit the use of such vehicle within the paddock area if the vehicle is used in a manner deemed unsafe by Feld Entertainment or if the curfew is violated.
  • Specific venues may require unique paddock layouts and may therefore limit the use of APV’s.

Trash / Fuel / Oil / Coolant Dumping:

  • All trash must be disposed of in approved containers in accordance with applicable laws.
  • The dumping of fuel, motor oil, coolant, grey water, and black water in the paddock area or on the Venue property is strictly prohibited and violators are subject to immediate eviction from both the paddock area and the Venue and may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
  • Certain Venues may prohibit the washing of bikes, trailers and other equipment.  It is each team’s responsibility to determine and fully comply with such Venue rules and regulations.
  • Certain Venue regulations may require you to use the approved fuel dump area in accordance with the local fire marshal and any such regulation must be complied with in every respect. All containers must be marked with rider’s team name or number. All containers must be removed from the fuel depot by 11:00 pm on the day of the event. Containers left at the fuel depot are subject to a fine and fee for hazmat disposal. Violator’s may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
  • Certain Venue regulations may require the local fire marshal to inspect Team Transporters for approved fuel containers or drums. All containers must be in accordance with state or local regulations.  Each team must fully cooperate at all times with local fire marshal.  Failure to fully comply with the local fire marshal may subject violators to prosecution under applicable laws.

PENALTIES (for paddock guideline infractions)

  • 1st offense will result in a written warning to the team referencing the guideline(s) violated.
  • 2nd offense will result in placement of team and all related vehicles and equipment at the back of the paddock area for the next event following such violation.
  • 3rd offense will result in the placement of team and all related vehicles and equipment in the back of the paddock area for the next three (3) events following violation.
  • 4th offense will result in the placement of team and all related vehicles and equipment in the back of the paddock area for the remainder of the season, and team sponsor activations/displays of any type at the new location will not be permitted for the remainder of the season.


In addition to these Supercross Futures supplemental rules all racing is governed by the 2020 AMA Racing Rulebook.


To be eligible to race in any of the Supercross Futures classes riders must be age and skill appropriate to the class they will be competing in and must hold a current AMA membership.


Riders in either the B (intermediate) or C (novice) that have won a class championship two (2) or more times ;in the Supercross Futures AMA National Championships must advance to the next skill level the following season in Supercross Futures.

National Advancement System:

  • If a rider is advancing prior to or during the 2020 Supercross Futures season he/she must continue to participate in the higher classification.
  • Riders are encouraged to contact the AMA prior to the Supercross Futures season to confirm their 2020 eligibility status.
  • Challenges to rider eligibility for Supercross Futures must be received by the AMA no later than five (5) business days after the conclusion of the race in which the participant qualified. Rider eligibility challenges received after this date will be accepted at the sole discretion of AMA.
  • Challenges must be in writing and sent by certified mail or email to the following addresses: AMA, Attn: MX Manager, 13515 Yarmouth Dr., Pickerington, OH  43147 or [email protected].

Road to Supercross through the 250 Futures Class:

Qualifying through the 250 Futures class

  • 6 points required to earn license
  • Points will be earned based upon number of entries scale below:

Overall Finish position

250 Futures (1-22 entries)

250 Futures (23-42 entries)

250 Futures (43+ entries)


















































































  • Earned 2019 points carrying over from 250 AX, AX Lites, or SX Amateur (250A Class) - the higher point accumulation from either class will combine with points accumulated in Supercross Futures 250 Futures class
  • 250 Futures points will be earned in a continuous 24 month period
  • Top 10 in the 250 Futures class, at the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship, earn their license

250SX Class License Eligibility

  • Once a rider has qualified for their 250SX license through the Road to Supercross, the rider has two competition seasons to apply for their license before having to re-qualify. For example, a rider that qualified for an 250SX license during the 2019 Supercross Futures season may apply in 2020 or 2021.
  • In order to apply for your 250SX license after you have acquired the necessary amount of points, go online at www.amasupercross.com and click on the Online Registration and Forms tab. If you have any questions, contact AMA Supercross Coordinator, Connie Fleming at [email protected] or 614-856-1910, ext. 1258.
  • Riders that currently hold or have held a Supercross license in the past three competition seasons are not allowed to compete in the 250 Futures class.
  • AMA licensed riders not competing in AMA sanctioned events for a period of three years may lose their prior classification.
  • Applicants renewing a license that has been expired for more than three years must meet the present requirements for a Supercross License. This requirement may be waived under special circumstances through an appeal made to the AMA.
  • Additionally, see section Supercross License Regulations in the AMA Supercross Rulebook

Race Number:

  • The champion of the previous year’s Supercross Futures AMA National Championship is required to use the #1 only if they are defending the class they earned the championship in.
  • Pre-Registered riders have number preference.
  • Onsite registered rider numbers are on a first come first serve basis.
  • Numbers must be clearly visible and displayed on the front number plate and both side
  • number plates.
  • It is recommended that the official Supercross Futures logo appear on the front number plate. You can obtain the logo and/or logo artwork file two ways:
    • At each event, all number plate stickers will be available on site.
    • If a third party produces number plates and/or jerseys for you prior to meets, they may download the official logos here.


  • All classes consist of a minimum of: one practice session, one heat race, one LCQ (if applicable), and one Main Event.
  • Race formats with the qualifying procedure, laps, and times will be distributed at each event.

Transponders are mandatory. If you own a MyLaps compatible transponder, you may run your own. If you do not own one, a transponder may be rented on-site.

Frame Number:

The last 4 digits of the frame number on the motorcycle you will be competing on are required to register for any Supercross Futures event.

Heat Race Gate Preference:

  • Online pre-registered, pre-paid participants receive preferred heat race gate choice.
  • All other gate choices will be randomly drawn per programming.

Starting Line:
All riders will grid centered behind the starting gate.

* When using a starting pad made of steel or other material, a brush may be used to clean the starting pad area only. (No full size brooms) Only brushes utilizing nylon type bristles may be used. (No steel type bristles)

Finish Line:
The officially designated finish line is defined as the placement of the transponder loop which will be distinctively marked by yellow markers.


  • Green:
    • Start of race
  • White:
    • One lap to go until finish (courtesy flag)
  • Stationary Yellow Flag/ Flashing Yellow Lights:
    • Indicates a potentially hazardous situation on or near the track
    • Passing is allowed
    • Exercise caution
    • Passing and jumping is allowed
  • Waving Yellow Flag/ Flashing Yellow Lights:
    • Indicates serious hazard on or near the track
    • Passing is allowed
    • Proceed with extreme cautionPassing and jumping is allowed
  • Black:
    • The rider must report to a race official at once.
  • Blue:
    • Indicates you are about to be overtaken by faster riders. Hold your line and do not impeded their progress.
  • White With Red Cross/Flashing Red Lights:
    • Competitors must show extreme caution, slow down, maintain position, not gain an advantageand wheels of the motorcycle must not leave the ground between the flag and the incident.
  • Black And White Checkered:
    • End of race
  • Red:
    • Stopping of a race for any emergency situation. Return cautiously to the starting line and wait for further instruction.

Race Finishes:

  • Races are officially ended for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the winner.
  • Riders will be credited with all laps they complete during a race unless a penalty has been assessed.
  • Riders who do not complete the checkered flag lap will be scored in order of finish and laps completed.
  • Should the checkered flag be displayed later than the official distance, the finishing order will be decided on the basis of the official distance.
  • Under any other circumstances, the winner is the leader at the time the checkered flag is displayed.
  • Should a rider be given the checkered flag ahead of the actual winner, or with the winners, the rider will be scored as having completed the race in the race position the rider was running at that time.


  • Top 10 in each class will receive awards
  • Open A Class will pay back 100% of entry fee money for that class.


Visit https://www.supercrosslive.com/contingencyawards for contingency and awards.



  • The below list shows how many riders from each city will automatically qualify for the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship:
    • St. Louis- top 3 in each class
    • Anaheim- top 2 in each class
    • Glendale- top 2 in each class
    • Oakland- top 2 in each class
    • Tampa- top 3 in each class
    • Arlington- top 3 in each class
    • Denver- top 2 in each class
    • Foxborough- top 3 in each class
    • Las Vegas- top 2 in each class
    • Salt Lake City- top 2 in each class
  • A rider may compete in multiple events, however, the first event the rider qualifies in will be the one the rider is advanced from.
  • All riders will advance a position in their class if another rider has already qualified out of that class in a different event.

Riders are only eligible to compete in the Supercross Futures AMA National Championships if they participated and qualified in that class during the 2020 Supercross Futures season.


  • Alternates will be chosen in the order of their class finish
  • Additional alternates may be chosen if there are no more alternates available in that class within that event.
  • Additional alternates will be chosen from the event that has the highest total entry count.
  • Example: If classes are not full and no further riders choose to participate in a class, the entry will be awarded to the first eligible qualifier in the highest total entry count race. If that rider chooses not to participate, the entry will be awarded to the first eligible qualifier in the next highest total entry count race, and so on, all the way through the final finishing position in that class.
  • If the highest total entry count is the same in more than one event, then the first event within the Supercross Futures series with the highest total entry count will be the preferred event of which additional alternates will be chosen from.


  • Invitations (complete with registration information) to the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship will be emailed after completion of the season.
  • Although riders are pre-registered, they are still required to check in onsite at the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship according to the schedule to be provided on www.supercrossfutures.com


Olympic scoring will be used for the AMA National Championship event only.

Gate Preference:

  • Moto one gate pick will be determined by a random draw.
  • Moto one finish will determine moto two gate choice.
  • Only the 250 Futures class will use the timed qualifying procedure for gate pick for the AMA National Championship event.

Race Day Details:

•Race day details for all classes at the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship to be determined.

Additional Information:
For additional details and information on this Supercross Futures AMA National Championship event please go to www.supercrossfutures.com



Class name Age Displacement Specifications
E-Mini Futures 4-8 1kWh Battery Energy SPECS

51cc Limited

4-6 0cc-51cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
51cc Limited 6-8 0cc-51cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
51cc Limited 4-8 0cc-51cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
65cc 7-9 59cc-65cc 2-stroke SPECS
65cc 10-11 59cc-65cc 2-stroke SPECS
65cc 7-11 59cc-65cc 2-stroke SPECS
85cc 9-12 79cc-85cc 2-stroke SPECS
85cc 9-15 79cc-85cc 2-stroke SPECS
Mini Senior 12-15 79cc-85cc 2-stroke or 75cc-150cc 4-stroke SPECS
Supermini 1 12-15 79cc-112cc 2-stroke or 75cc-150cc 4-stroke SPECS
Supermini Futures 13-16 79cc-112cc 2-stroke or 75cc-150cc 4-stroke SPECS
Schoolboy 1 12-16 86cc-125cc 2-stroke or 75cc-150cc 4-stroke SPECS
Schoolboy 2 12-17 *122-250cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
125cc B/C 12 & up 122cc-125cc 2-stroke SPECS
Collegeboy 16-24 122cc-Open SPECS
25+ 25 & up 122cc-Open SPECS
30+ 30 & up 122cc-Open SPECS
35+ 35 & up 122cc-Open SPECS
40+ 40 & up 122cc-Open SPECS
Women 12 & up * 99-250cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
250 B 12 & up * 122cc-250cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
250 C 12 & up * 122cc-250cc 2-stroke or 4-stroke SPECS
Open B 12 & up * ** 122cc-Open SPECS
Open C 12 & up * ** 122cc-Open SPECS

250 Futures
("A" Classification riders Only)

14 & up *125cc -2-stroke or 250cc 4-stroke SPECS
Open A 14 & up ** 122cc - Open SPECS

*A rider must be 14 or older to ride a 201cc up to 250cc motorcycle.

**A rider must be 16 or older to ride a 251cc or above motorcycle.