Cooper Webb's Best Battles of 2019


Cooper Webb was arguably the top performer during the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season and, subsequently, he had all but wrapped up the championship by the time the series arrived at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas for the season finale.


Sometimes Webb's wins came through dominant performances, but other times there were riders out there putting up a fight. Here are Webb’s six best battles of 2019:


No. 6 - Indianapolis - Webb vs. Tomac

Webb was on the back foot in Indianapolis after getting a poor start and then stalling the bike. He wasn’t completely out of the running though, and he soon found himself on the tail end of a four-bike train racing for the lead, with Marvin Musquin leading Blake Baggett leading Eli Tomac leading Webb. Then, after a mistake that could have proven disastrous, Webb got too far over to the left over a jump and ran over a Tuff Block while setting Tomac up for a pass. Somehow, Webb not only kept the bike upright but was still able to complete the pass, salvaging a third-place finish on a night that could have gone a lot worse.


No. 5 - Anaheim Triple Crown - Webb vs. Roczen

Remember when Cooper Webb made a pass for the win on the final turn of the race to just beat Ken Roczen to the line? No, not at Arlington, but the first time at Anaheim 2. Granted, it was a Triple Crown race, and Webb still had to go out and perform in the next two main events in order to take the overall win, but his narrow victory in the first main event gave him momentum and confidence that he carried with him into the next two mains in order to claim his first 450SX trophy.


No. 4 - East Rutherford - Webb vs. Tomac vs. Osborne vs. The Track

The winner of the penultimate round of the 2019 season was the rider who made the fewest mistakes. Webb had good battles with both Tomac and Zach Osborne during the 450SX Main Event, and lost them both. However, Webb was riding with the knowledge that he was looking good in the championship with just a couple of rounds to go, and a good finish was all that he needed. Instead, the KTM rider was gifted the win as both Tomac and Osborne made mistakes, allowing Webb to get back on by. It was a chaotic race and one that helped Webb on his quest for the title.


No. 3 - Oakland - Webb vs. Musquin

The first three races of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season had all seen different winners, and the championship was anyone’s for the taking. For this reason, Webb controlling the 450SX Main Event and looking set for back-to-back wins was a concern for the rest of the field. Webb’s teammate Musquin was particularly under pressure as he was expected to be the No. 1 rider at KTM following Ryan Dungey’s departure, but here was Webb ready to steal his crown. Musquin applied pressure in the closing laps but couldn’t mount a challenge, and Webb took the win.


No. 2 - Houston - Webb vs. Musquin

There had been hard racing between the two Red Bull KTM teammates throughout the 2019 season, but it wasn’t until late in the season at the Triple Crown event in Houston that it started to get personal. Each rider was unhappy with how he was being raced, and so Webb and Musquin both ran up into each other in Houston until, eventually, Webb ran Musquin off the track. Webb was able to pull away and, while he didn’t win that race, he was able to continue on with strong performances throughout the night that would give him the overall.


No. 1 - Arlington - Webb vs. Roczen

You don’t get a prize for guessing this one as No. 1. The finish between Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen at Arlington was an instant classic. Roczen, who was still without a win since his horrific crash at Anaheim in 2017, had controlled most of the Arlington Supercross while Cooper Webb had a poor start and was in seventh at the end of the first lap. Webb rallied his way back up through the field though, and found himself right behind Roczen as they came into the final turn. Webb made the move and the two drag-raced to the finish line where Webb edged out Roczen by 0.028 seconds in the closest finish in Monster Energy Supercross history.