The 10 Ugliest Passes of 2019


10. Cooper Webb on Eli Tomac - Indianapolis


There was never any contact between the two bikes and, in some ways, it was a beautiful pass, but it was certainly unorthodox. Cooper Webb had got off to a bad start at the 2019 Indianapolis Supercross. He was working his way back up through the field when he started to line Eli Tomac up for a pass. However, Webb made a mistake and his bike came down on a tuff block. Not only was Webb able to keep his bike upright in a place where a lesser-skilled rider would have crashed, but he was also able to keep on riding and complete the pass on Tomac for third. It was ugly, but it worked!


9. Dylan Ferrandis on Chris Blose - Houston


A tuff block again played a roll in the pass Dylan Ferrandis made on Chris Blose during the second Main Event of the Houston Triple Crown. There was little, if any, contact between the two riders, but Ferrandis ran Blose wide on exit and the No. 111 rode straight into a tuff block.


8. Ken Roczen on Dean Wilson - Detroit


It wasn’t intentional but it wasn’t pretty. Marvin Musquin had just passed Dean Wilson down the straight and Ken Roczen wanted to follow Musquin through. He made it, but at the expense of Wilson. The two bikes collided and Wilson fell off, briefly landing on Roczen’s bike and almost causing both of them to go down.


7. Jason Anderson on Ken Roczen - Glendale


Roczen was on the receiving end of a pass gone bad at Glendale. He had been dominating the early stages of the Glendale Supercross but, due to a red flag and subsequent restart following a crash for Malcolm Stewart, Roczen had a lot of pressure from the defending Supercross champion from behind. Anderson then went to make his move. The two bikes made contact with Roczen going down, costing him a shot of winning at Glendale.


6. Alex Martin on Martin Davalos - Minneapolis


Jordan Smith had just made a pass on Martin Davalos at the Minneapolis Supercross when Alex Martin thought he saw a path to follow him through. Martin threw his bike through the turn hot but his path intersected with that of Davalos on exit, causing the rider of the No. 73 to go down.


5. Cooper Webb on Marvin Musquin - Houston


Tensions between the title combatants were starting to heat up as Monster Energy Supercross rolled into Houston. In the first 450SX Main Event of the night, the rivalry between the two Red Bull KTM teammates boiled over as Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb started beating and banging in the turns. Webb eventually emerged triumphant, running Musquin off of the track.


4. Mitchell Oldenburg on Alex Martin - Arlington


Mitchell Oldenburg came in hot into a turn on the inside of Alex Martin during the Arlington Supercross. His bike had barely landed on the track after coming out of a rhythm section before he found himself heading straight into the side of Martin. Inevitably, the contact happened, and Martin was flicked off his bike and into the tuff blocks.


3. Justin Cooper on Chase Sexton - Nashville


Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper had done a good job at getting consistent podium finishes throughout the 2019 250SX Eastern Regional season. The problem was that Austin Forkner had done a good job at winning all of those. With Forkner sustaining an injury during practice in Nashville, both Sexton and Cooper knew that they not only have a chance to race for the win, but perhaps even for the championship. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse for both of them early on in the race when Cooper attempted an aggressive pass on Sexton. Contact occurred and they both went down, costing them both a shot at victory.


2. RJ Hampshire on Adam Cianciarulo - Anaheim 1


Coming into Anaheim 1, Adam Cianciarulo was one of the favorites to fight for the championship, and he knew it. So, after he had a couple of mishaps early on, Cianciarulo was in a hurry to get back up to the front of the field so that he could salvage a good points day to start the season. However, RJ Hampshire didn’t take too kindly to the aggressive move that Cianciarulo had put on him and so, on the very next turn, Hampshire repaid the favor and Cianciarulo went down.


1. Tyler Bowers on Justin Barcia - Arlington

Tyler Bowers

During a heat race for the 2019 Arlington Supercross, Tyler Bowers and Justin Barcia - who have had a history - got together in one of the more aggressive moves of the 2019 season. The move was very similar to the one Oldenburg made on Martin during the 250SX Main Event at the same race (No. 4 on this list). Was Bowers’ move done with no intentions of making the turn and full commitment to taking Barcia out? We may never know, but the officials believed that it was, and they disqualified Bowers from the Arlington event.