25 days until Anaheim 1


Marvin Musquin may be the hottest rider in the world right now. Fresh off winning the million dollar grand prize at the 2017 Monster Energy Cup, the likable Frenchman has won every other off-season Supercross he has entered. In addition, Musquin won his first 450SX main event at Arlington last season and proved that he can beat the best in the world on any given day.

As Musquin prepares to enter his third full season in the premier division in dirt bike racing, many are predicting No. 25 to make a very serious push for the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross title. Here is more on why Marvin is poised to win.

Going back to the 2015 250SX Eastern Division Championship, Musquin began to flash signs of his unique and effective racecraft. In long whoop sections, Marvin likes to find a way to jump rather than skim through. This seems to come effortlessly for the KTM ace and he used this technique to help him garner the 250SX Eastern Division Championship. As he entered his rookie season of 450 SX competition with Ryan Dungey as a Red Bull KTM teammate as well as riding and training partners, one would think that he could only glean some of Dungey’s tricks of the trade. With Dungey retiring, Musquin slots into the number one spot on his team and has all of the tools he needs to compete for the 2018 title.


Friendly and at times soft spoken, don’t let Musquin’s nice guy demeanor detract from his aggression on the race track. One of the hardest riders to pass, Marvin is smart with his lines and will absolutely ride defensively if he has to. To that end, Musquin has a bit of a rivalry with Cooper Webb that dates back to them battling in the Pro Motocross Championship on 250s. So, if you see the No. 25 and the No. 2 battling hard during the 2018 season, remember that there is a little more to things than may appear.

With all of the momentum seemingly on his side, this may very well be the “Season of the Frenchman.” It’s been since the incredible year of 1991 when Marvin’s fellow countryman, the great Jean Michel Bayle, brought France a Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

We will drop the gate in 25 days. Can Marvin capture the coveted 450SX Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship?