#FBF: San Diego, Roczen Falls Out


As round 6 of the 2018 Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship charged into San Diego, all eyes were on Jason Anderson. He had racked up two victories early in the title fight and had successfully challenged and beaten Ken Roczen the week prior in Oakland and was carrying the red plate with authority. Still, Eli Tomac had also earned two wins and Marvin Musquin was steadily getting back up to speed following his shoulder injury at round 2 in Houston. There were more questions than answers heading into San Diego, but the loudest was, "Is the weekend that Ken Roczen gets his big win?"

It didn't take long for the questions to be answered in the 450SX Main Event! A huge pile up claimed Tomac, Roczen and others while Cole Seely grabbed another big holeshot. While Seely tried to sprint away all hell broke loose in the pack. As Roczen began to slice his way through the field he drew close to the rear fender of Cooper Webb. The two had previously thrown some jabs at each other both on the track and on social media and as they locked horns it became clear that both were intent on gaining the upper hand on one another.


Roczen drew along side Webb over the triple jump and attempted a pass on the outside, to which Webb thwarted by slamming the door with a block pass. This triggered Roczen to charge through the ensuing whoops section and come into the following corner this time on the inside and attempt a block pass of his own. The result was ugly as the two locked together and went down in a heap. Roczen's right hand went into the rear wheel of Webb causing injury and just like that, Ken Roczen's 2018 Monster Energy Supercross effort was over.

Up front, Anderson made his way past Seely and was on his way to his third victory of the season. There was great racing for the podium with Marvin Musquin moving into second while Blake Baggett and Seely engaged in a knock down drag out battle for the final podium spot. The two would bang together with Baggett knocking Seely off the track and eventually getting the upper hand and earning his first podium finish of the 2018 season.


And with that, the West Coast Swing was over. And Jason Anderson was sitting in the proverbial "Catbird's Seat."