Pro Motocross: Final Round


The final round of the 2017 Pro Motocross Championship took place in Crawfordsville, Indiana. There was a tremendous buzz about the entry of 3-time World Champion Jeffrey Herlings into the 450 class.


Championship leader Eli Tomac came into the weekend with the comfort of a 28-point advantage, but as the saying goes, “Anything can happen.” With Herlings being a KTM teammate of Marvin Musquin, there was a little extra anxiety about how the races would unfold. In reality, all Tomac had to do was place in the top 10, but many expected Tomac to race for the win.


That is exactly what happened in 450 moto 1. Tomac and Herlings engaged in a battle for the lead. While Tomac wasn’t exactly close enough to make a pass, he was pressing hard and unfortunately suffered a crash that must have sent his team into near cardiac arrest. Tomac would remount and finish the moto in 5th spot, while Herlings took a statement moto victory. Musquin wound up second, which put the points gap at 24. With 25 possible points in a moto, things were suddenly risky for Eli Tomac. Would he go after Herlings again, or would he ride safe and bring home the 450 Pro Motocross title?


In the end, it was the latter and Eli did what he needed to do and cruised home 6th in the moto,  good enough to put a ribbon on his first career 450 title.


Meanwhile, Dutch import Herlings dominated, going 1-1 in his first ever 450 Pro Motocross event.