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Main events

450SX Main Event Results

1. Cooper Webb
2. Blake Baggett
3. Marvin Musquin
4. Ken Roczen
5. Aaron Plessinger
6. Eli Tomac
7. Justin Brayton
8. Dean Wilson
9. Joey Savatgy
10. Cole Seely

Race recap: Cooper Webb got the holeshot and led the first lap ahead of Marvin Musquin and Blake Baggett, making it a KTM 1-2-3. A few mistakes by Musquin allowed Baggett to take second, but both were able to keep the pressure on Webb for the lead. However, when the checkered flag fell, it was the rider of the No. 2 holding on for his fifth win of the season.
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250SX East/West Showdown Main Event:

1. Adam Cianciarulo
2. Dylan Ferrandis
3. Austin Forkner
4. Chase Sexton
5. Justin Cooper
6. Shane McElrath
7. Colt Nichols
8. Martin Davalos
9. Michael Mosiman
10. Brandon Hartranft

Race recap: Austin Forkner just edged his teammate Adam Cianciarulo for the holeshot, but Chase Sexton quickly worked his way up into second in pursuit of his championship rival in the East class. However, Cianciarulo eventually got second place back and then started hunting Forkner down for the lead. Forkner then started fading back and got passed by Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis in the closing minutes of the event.

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Heat races

450SX Heat 2:
Cole Seely

1. Cole Seely
2. Dean Wilson
3. Justin Brayton
4. Joey Savatgy
5. Aaron Plessinger
6. Chad Reed
7. Ken Roczen
8. Eli Tomac
9. Kyle Chisholm
Race recap: Dean Wilson got the holeshot but Cole Seely soon took over the top spot, which he held for the rest of the event. Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac both found themselves mired back further in the field than normal, but both advanced to the Main.

450SX Heat 1:
Blake Baggett

1. Blake Baggett
2. Cooper Webb
3. Marvin Musquin
4. Tyler Bowers
5. Justin Hill
6. Zach Osborne
7. Jared Lesher
8. Cole Martinez
9. Ben Lamay

Race recap: Blake Baggett got the holeshot while multiple riders went down in the first turn after Zach Osborne got into Justin Bogle. Osborne was able to make it into the Main whereas Justin Bogle had to go to the LCQ. Up front, it was a KTM 1-2-3 early on with Baggett leading Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb. Webb got by Musquin for second on the final lap.

250SX West Heat:

Shane McElrath
1. Shane McElrath
2. Colt Nichols
3. Adam Cianciarulo
4. Michael Mosiman
5. Jacob Hayes
6. Chris Blose
7. Dylan Ferrandis
8. RJ Hampshire
9. Garrett Marchbanks
Race recap: Shane McElrath got the holeshot while points leader Adam Cianciarulo was 10th coming out of the first turn. Another rider with a bad start was Dylan Ferrandis, who was 14th at the end of the first lap. McElrath held on to the win, with pressure from Colt Nichols behind.

250SX East Heat:

Austin Forkner
1. Austin Forkner
2. Chase Sexton
3. Martin Davalos
4. Alex Martin
5. Justin Cooper
6. Jordon Smith
7. Kyle Peters
8. Brandon Hartranft
9. Anthony Rodriguez

Race recap: For the initial start, Alex Martin got the holeshot but Chase Sexton quickly took the lead away while Austin Forkner rode behind. However, the heat was red-flagged mid-distance due to a crash for Wilson Fleming. Sexton led the field back away in a staggered restart, but Forkner was on the attack and made quick work of Sexton, going on to take the win.



450SX Combined Qualifying Results:
Eli Tomac

1. Eli Tomac
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Dean Wilson
4. Cooper Webb
5. Joey Savatgy
6. Zach Osborne
7. Ken Roczen
8. Blake Baggett
9. Cole Seely
10. Justin Hill

250SX East Combined Qualifying Results:
Justin Cooper

1. Justin Cooper
2. Chase Sexton
3. Austin Forkner
4. Alex Martin
5. Martin Davalos
6. Brandon Hartranft
7. Jordon Smith
8. Kyle Peters
9. Jordan Bailey
10. Joshua Cartwright

250SX West Combined Qualifying Results:
Dylan Ferrandis

1. Dylan Ferrandis
2. Adam Cianciarulo
3. Colt Nichols
4. Shane McElrath
5. Jimmy Decotis
6. RJ Hampshire
7. Michael Mosiman
8. Chris Blose
9. Garrett Marchbanks
10. Jacob Hayes

450SX Qualifier 2

1. Eli Tomac 2. Marvin Musquin 3. Dean Wilson 4. Cooper Webb 5. Zach Osborne 6. Blake Baggett 7. Ken Roczen 8. Joey Savatgy 9. Justin Brayton 10. Justin Hill

250SX West Qualifier 2

1. Adam Cianciarulo 2. Colt Nichols 3. Shane McElrath 4. Rj Hampshire 5. Michael Mosiman 6. Dylan Ferrandis 7. James DeCotis 8. Chris Blose 9. Garrett Marchbanks 10. Cameron McAdoo

250SX East Qualifier 2

1. Justin Cooper 2. Chase Sexton 3. Austin Forkner 4. Alex Martin 5. Martin Davalos 6. Brandon Hartranft 7. Jordon Smith 8. Kyle Peters 9. Jordan Bailey 10. Joshua Cartwright

450SX Qualifier 1

1. Eli Tomac 2. Cooper Webb 3. Dean Wilson 4. Marvin Musquin 5. Joey Savatgy 6. Ken Roczen 7. Cole Seely 8. Justin Hill 9. Justin Brayton 10. Chad Reed

250SX East Qualifier 1

1. Chase Sexton 2. Austin Forkner 3. Alex Martin 4. Martin Davalos 5. Kyle Cunningham 6. Justin Cooper 7. Jordon Smith 8. Blake Wharton 9. Kyle Peters 10. Joshua Osby

Enjoy Rider track walk from Atlanta:

Good morning race fans, and welcome to Race Hub! Round 9 of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship arrives today in the awesome Mercedes-Benz Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The hype is at a fever pitch as the 450SX class has been on fire. Cooper Webb owns a six-point lead over Ken Roczen, while Marvin Musquin is 12 points back, and last week's winner Eli Tomac sits 13 points out. All four are very much in the title fight and tonight's main event should be epic. Meanwhile, the 250SX division has a special surprise with the first (or two) 250SX East/West Showdowns! That's right both 250SX divisions will square off against one another in a race that has the all of the makings of an instant classic. Stay tuned to this link all day

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