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450SX Class Recap - Indianapolis

Eli Tomac wins in Indianapolis

Tomac Catching 22/Ironman/Himself: Eli Tomac nailed his 43rd career 450SX Class win which brings him one win away from Chad Reed for fourth on the all-time 450SX Class wins list. Tomac’s 81st career 450SX Class podium tied him with Mike LaRocco for fifth all-time on the podiums list. He could tie his career best win streak that he set in 2017 (five straight, Rounds 9-13) now that he has won four straight.

Justin Barcia

Barcia Catching L-Ward/Red Dog/Himself: Justin Barcia finished a dramatic second in Indy but would be fined points in the Championship Standings due to an incident with Jason Anderson. His podium stands, it’s his 25th in the 450SX Class, and he is now tied with Larry Ward for 31st all-time on the list. His 96th top-10 moves him one away from top-20 all-time where Tim Ferry sits. One more podium in-a-row for Barcia and he would tie his career best three race podium streak that he set in 2014 (Rounds 12-14).

Marvin Musquin

More Legends Matched (Musquin Edition): Marvin Musquin finished third in Indy and now has 46 450SX Class podiums, passing Cooper Webb for 14th on the all-time list. His 57th top-five finish ties him with Bob Hannah for 22nd all-time and his 83rd top-10 ties him with Broc Glover and Rick Johnson.

Ryan Breece

Meshey/Lane/Breece: These riders did not tie Reed, LaRocco, or other aforementioned legends on any all-time charts with their finishes in Indy. These riders did however manage to pull off incredible performances that went well beyond expectations. After missing the Main Event for six straight rounds in the LCQ Tristan Lane finally made his first 450SX Class main and finished 17th. Scott Meshey, riding a 250F in the 450SX Class, made the Main Event after not qualifying for a night show in his first three attempts and losing in the LCQ in the previous round. Ryan Breece became the 261st rider to earn a 450SX Class top-10 finish with his 10th place ride in his 28th career 450SX Class race.

450SX Class: Seattle Facts

History Lesson: The first 450SX Class race held in Seattle was on February 18, 1978 in the Kingdome. It was the season opener and Jimmy Ellis won the race on a Honda in what would be his one and only win of the season. Bob Hannah would go onto win the title after finishing third in the Seattle opener.


King’s History: From 1978-1989 the Seattle Kingdome held a Supercross race in back-to-back nights. Overall, the Kingdome hosted a Supercross race 33 times and for 22 straight seasons from 1978-1999 before being demolished in 2000. Lumen Field, then named Seahawks Stadium, was built in 2002 and took over hosting the Seattle Supercross in 2005, six years after the last Kingdome race. James Stewart won the first three races in Seahawks Stadium from 2005-2007.


Lumen Field: Since Lumen Field took over hosting Seattle Supercross the series visited from 2005-2014 & 2017-2019. After 33 races in the Kingdome and 13 in Lumen Field, 2022 will be the 47th edition of the Seattle Supercross.


Champion Odds: In 13 seasons of racing in Lumen Field only twice has the winner went onto win the Championship (2007 James Stewart and 2014 Ryan Villopoto).

450SX Winners: Seattle

Manufacturer Wins in Seattle/Lumen Field

  • Honda: 20/4 (2013)
  • Kawasaki: 10/6 (2018)
  • Yamaha: 9/1 (2011)
  • Suzuki: 5/0 (1999)
  • KTM: 2/2 (2019)

Top Winners in Seattle

  • 1) Rick Johnson: 7 (‘84, ‘86, ‘87, ‘87, ‘88, ‘89, ‘89)
  • 2) Jeremy McGrath: 4 (‘93, ‘95-‘96, ‘98)
  • 2) James Stewart: 4 (’05-’07, ’11)
  • 4) Mike Bell: 3 (’79, ’80, ’80)
  • 4) Bob Hannah: 3 (’79, ’83, ’83)
  • 4) Ron Lechien: 3 (’85, ’85, ’88)

450SX Class: First Time Winners in Seattle

  • Darrell Shultz: 1981
  • Rick Johnson: 1984
  • Jeff Ward: 1984
  • Larry Ward: 1990
  • Ryan Villopoto: 2009 (Lumen Field)
  • Andrew Short: 2012 (Lumen Field)

250SX Class Recap - Indianapolis

Jett Lawrence wins in Indianapolis

Jett Lays Law Again: Jett Lawrence captured his seventh career 250SX Class win and third in-a-row when he took the checkers in Indy. He is now tied for 26th all-time on the 250SX Class wins list with Travis Pastrana, Christian Craig, and eight others. He now has 11 podiums and 15 top-fives in the class.

Cameron McAdoo

Kawasaki’s Last Hope: Cameron McAdoo scored a runner-up for the second straight round and now has 13 career 250SX Class podiums. No Kawasaki rider has won the Eastern Regional since Christophe Pourcel in 2010 and McAdoo, though overshadowed by Lawrence’s victories, is only 11-points behind the red-plate.

RJ Hampshire

RJ Re-Joins Steps: RJ Hampshire cruised to his first podium of the season and sixth of his 250SX class career with a third in Indy. He has 35 top-10 finishes in 44 starts.

250SX Racing Action

First Timers: Two riders made their first career 250SX Class Main Events after four straight rounds of either being in the LCQ (Hunter Yoder) or not qualifying for the night show for the first two weeks and losing in the LCQ the next two (Luca Marsalisi). Two other riders made their first mains of the season but have previous 250SX Class experience: Josh Osby (three LCQ losses) & Luke Neese (three DNQ’s and an LCQ loss).

250SX Class: Seattle Facts

History Lesson: The first 250SX Class race held in Seattle was on February 9, 1985 in the Seattle Kingdome. Mike Healey won the race on a Suzuki and Bader Manneh won the next night on a Kawasaki. Healey’s teammate Bobby Moore went 3-5 in Seattle en-route to the first ever Western Regional title.


Venue History: From 1985 to the demolition of the Kingdome there were 20 250SX Class races held in Seattle. Just like the 450SX Class the series returned in 2005 to Lumen Field where 13 races have been held since. 2022 will mark the 34th 250SX Class race in Seattle.


Never Can Be Matched: Nathan Ramsey won the last 250SX Class race at the Kingdome in 1999 on a Kawasaki and then six years later won the first 250SX Class race at Lumen Field on a KTM. He is the only rider to win in both venues in the 250SX Class. Kevin Windham is the only other rider to have a win in both venues as he won at the Kingdome in the 250SX Class and won at Lumen Field twice in the 450SX Class.


Champion Odds: In 17/33 250SX Class races held in Seattle the winner went onto win the Western Regional 250SX Class title. In Lumen Field specifically it is 6/13, including Aaron Plessinger and Dylan Ferrandis in 2018-2019.

250SX Winners: Seattle

Manufacturer Wins in Seattle

  • Kawasaki: 10 (2007)
  • Honda: 7 (2014)
  • Yamaha: 7 (2019)
  • Suzuki: 6 (2009)
  • KTM: 2 (2013)

Top Winners in Seattle

  • 1) Jeff Matiasevich: 4 (’88, ’88, ’89, ’89)
  • 2) Cole Seely: 2 (’11 & ’14)
  • 2) Ryan Dungey: 2 (’08-’09)
  • 2) David Vuillemin: 2 (’97-’98)
  • 2) Jeremy McGrath: 2 (’91-’92)
  • 2) Donny Schmit: 2 (’86-’87)
  • 2) Aaron Plessinger: 2 (’17-’18)

250SX Class: First Time Winners in Seattle

  • Bader Manneh: 1985
  • Phil Lawrence: 1995
  • David Vuillemin: 1997
  • Broc Tickle: 2010 (Lumen Field)

Past Winners in Lumen Field

450SX Class

  • 2005: James Stewart; Kawasaki
  • 2006: James Stewart; Kawasaki
  • 2007: James Stewart; Kawasaki
  • 2008: Kevin Windham; Honda
  • 2009: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki
  • 2010: Kevin Windham; Honda
  • 2011: James Stewart; Yamaha
  • 2012: Andrew Short; Honda
  • 2013: Justin Barcia; Honda
  • 2014: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki
  • 2017: Marvin Musquin; KTM
  • 2018: Eli Tomac, Kawasaki
  • 2019: Marvin Musquin, KTM

250SX Class

  • 2005: Nathan Ramsey; KTM
  • 2006: Grant Langston; Kawasaki
  • 2007: Ryan Villopoto; Kawasaki
  • 2008: Ryan Dungey; Suzuki
  • 2009: Ryan Dungey; Suzuki
  • 2010: Broc Tickle; Yamaha
  • 2011: Cole Seely; Honda
  • 2012: Ryan Sipes; Yamaha
  • 2013: Ken Roczen; KTM
  • 2014: Cole Seely; Honda
  • 2017: Aaron Plessinger; Yamaha
  • 2018: Aaron Plessinger; Yamaha
  • 2019: Dylan Ferrandis; Yamaha

Round 12 Track Map: Seattle