Race Day Live Official


Race Day LIVE! is a pre-race show that streams every race day featuring LIVE coverage of qualifying. In addition, hosts Daniel Blair and Jim Holley will break down each race, give insider info and chat with special guests. The only way to watch Race Day LIVE! in 2020 is on NBC Sports Gold if you are inside the US, and on Supercross Video Pass if you are outside the US.






Daniel Blair and Jim Holley







Race Day Live Schedule Round 3 Anaheim

(all times local)

1:00pm - RDL On Air

1:05pm - 1:15pm - 250SX Group B Qualifying 

1:20pm - 1:30pm - 250SX Group C Qualifying

1:35pm - 1:45pm - 250SX Group A Qualifying

1:50pm - 2:00pm - 450SX Group A Qualifying

2:05pm - 2:15pm - 450SX Group B Qualifying

2:20pm - 2:30pm - 450SX Group C Qualifying 

2:30pm - 2:45pm - KTM Juniors Practice

2:45pm - 2:55pm - Track Walk

3:20pm - 3:30pm - 250SX Group C Qualifying

3:35pm - 3:45pm - 250SX Group B Qualifying

3:50pm - 4:00pm - 250SX Group A Qualifying 

4:05pm - 4:15pm  - 450 SX Group A Qualifying 

4:20pm - 4:30pm - 450SX Group B Qualifying

4:35pm - 4:45pm - 450SX Group C Qualifying 

4:50pm - RDL Off Air


Guest Schedule

1:00pm - Ryan Dungey

2:10pm - Malcom Stewart 

2:25pm - Adam Enticknap 

2:35pm - Kelana Humphrey

2:45pm - Haiden Deegan

2:55pm - Rily Castloo

3:10pm - Brandon Hartranft