Things to Know

How much is an entry?

The entry fee associated with a Supercross Futures Event is $125.00 per class. This entry fee covers the gate fee, parking fee, practice fee, and race fee. It also allows the rider into the pits,track access (at allotted times), and the venue spectating seating.

Am I required to be an AMA Member to register and race?

An AMA membership is required to compete in Supercross Futures and proof of membership must be presented at registration. AMA memberships are available here

Does my mechanic need to be an AMA Member?

An AMA membership is required to be a mechanic in Supercross Futures and proof of membership must be presented at registration. AMA memberships are available online

Is my mechanic’s pass included in entry?

Yes, your mechanic’s pass is included in your entry. Each rider is allowed one mechanic to accompany the rider through staging and in the designated mechanic’s area at allotted times. A mechanic’s pass also allows you access to the pits. Persons less then 16 years of age are not allowed in mechanic’s area. Please see section 2.1 in the Supercross Futures Supplemental Rulebook for additional mechanic paddock guidelines.

What does my event registration include?

The rider’s registration includes the rider’s pit pass, one (1) mechanics pit pass, and the ability to designate two (2) guests that can accompany the rider in the paddock with a PIT ACCESS ONLY wristband. In order to access the paddock the rider, mechanic, and two (2) guests must either provide proof of vaccination the Wednesday before the event or take a Covid-19 test at the Testing Trailer on site at each Supercross Event. The cost is $50/test per person. The rider will receive two (2) electronic tickets for stadium entry, which will need to be used by the rider and mechanic to enter the stadium seating area on Saturday.

  • The two additional guests with the PIT ACCESS ONLY wristbands will be permitted in the stadium seating section on Friday to view the practice and qualifying sessions. These two guests will need to have Saturday event tickets in order to access the stadium seating area on Saturday.
  • You may purchase additional spectator tickets (for friends, family, etc) on site at the box office or online at using code SXDY22. The spectator ticket allows the purchaser access to spectator seating within the venue only on Saturday- no pit access.

If I am under 18 can I still race without my parents attending the race?

Yes, you can still compete at a race without your parent’s attending however, if your parent is not planning to attend, then the parent must download and submit legal guardian documentation from our website at If under the age of 18 your designated guardian MUST sign release forms and remain present with you (the minor) all day. Your guardian must present a valid driver’s license or valid photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do I still have to check in if I pre-entered?

Yes, all riders must check in on Thursday or Friday before Supercross Futures tech inspection 

  • Will Call is open
    • 8am-5pm on Thursday
    • Opens at 8am on Friday (Futures tech inspection is 9am-10am).
  • To expedite your check in process, please be sure your AMA membership is current on the day of the event. If you need to renew or purchase an AMA membership, please follow this linkAll times/dates subject to change- check Schedule of Events for each city for details). 

Is Supercross Industry Will Call and Supercross Futures on-site registration the same?

Yes, the Supercross Industry Will Call is the location for the Supercross Futures check in. A map including the location of the Will Call trailer will be located on our website at

What do I need to bring to the AMA tech inspection?

Riders or mechanics will need to bring the last four numbers of their frame number to pick up their competition packet which includes; Transponder and transponder clip, schedule of events, and practice sticker.

Do I need a transponder?

Yes, you will need to pickup your event transponder from the AMA truck during tech inspection on Friday from 9am-10am.

Do I need a helmet eject system?

Yes, all riders must have an eject system installed in their helmets. Eject systems are available at the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Trailer.

Where will I find event information?

Event information is located on our website.

Is it too late to pre-register?

If you are qualified to race and have received a registration link, you must register prior to the registration deadline listed at, in the Premier Rulebook, section 1.1 General Information, Registration.

What time should I be at the venue?

Refer to the Schedule of Events for Friday and Saturday at for event day details.

Can we camp?

Overnight camping is prohibited at venues. Parking within the paddock opens Thursday afternoon, factory teams are afforded parking prior to Privateer riders and Supercross Futures riders.

Does it cost to park?

Parking in the pits is free for active pitting vehicles only (i.e. If it hauls your bike in it can stay). If you are bringing a motorhome it must be hauling a race bike which will be entered to race in that event (via trailer or hitch) in order to gain access to the paddock. Paddock placement is determined by Feld Motor Sports at its sole discretion. All other vehicles will need to be parked in general parking.

Can I bring food and beverages to the event?

You may bring food and drinks to consume within the paddock, however you may not bring food or drinks within the stadium/arena. Additionally, all race personnel, riders, mechanics and anyone associated with riders and photographers must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs that could affect their normal mental or physical ability. Besides affecting the safety of the event, any such use is inconsistent with the concept of good sportsmanship and is harmful to the sport of motorcycling. Anyone found to be in violation of these policies is subject to disciplinary actions and can lead to forfeiture of AMA membership or event credential.

Can I take photos of my rider at the event?

Still cameras are permitted at Feld Entertainment events, provided that they are non-professional cameras (lenses shorter than six inches) and the photos are intended for personal use only. No footage of our events, either still image or video, may be used for any purpose other than personal use.

How far back do you trophy?

The top 3 riders at each Premier event and the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship will receive a trophy at the podium at the conclusion of the 250 Futures race. The top 4 nonqualified riders at each Premier event will receive a qualified plaque signifying they are now qualified and eligible to compete in the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship.

How do I get my Road to Supercross points and my 250SX class license?

For information on how to get your 250SX class license, please see section 3.1 of the Premier Supercross Futures Rulebook.

How do I qualify for the championship round?

The top 4 non-qualified riders at each Premier event qualify for the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship. A rider may compete in multiple events, however, the first event the rider qualifies in will be the only one the rider is advanced from. All riders will advance a position if another rider has already qualified in a different event.

What does it mean to be an alternate?

Once a Premier event has concluded, the top 4 non-qualified riders are eligible to register for the Supercross Futures AMA National Championship but must do so before the deadline for qualified riders to register. Once that deadline has passed, alternate riders become eligible to register until their deadline has passed. As an alternate, you will be notified prior to the event if you have been chosen to replace a rider. Please visit and refer to the Supercross Future Premier Rulebook, section 1.1 General Rules, Registration for more information.

What is your rider entry refund policy?

Refund requests must be put in writing and sent to [email protected] no later than seven (7) days before the event. Refunds will not be accepted after that deadline.

What to expect at a Supercross Futures Event:

Registration check in for all Supercross Futures riders is Thursday or Friday before Supercross Futures tech inspection ends. All riders must check in with the AMA at the Industry Will Call trailer on Thursday or Friday morning. Visit for event day schedule. If the rider is under the age of 18, their parent or guardian will need to accompany the minor through the Registration process. Please refer to the event information for a map showing where the Industry Will Call trailer will be located for rider check in.

  • Once you reach the Will Call/Registration staging lot, follow instructions on where to appropriately park. Please be aware that this staging lot is temporary parking- there is no camping, long term or event parking permitted in this lot.
  • Once you have checked in and receive your rider and mechanic passes, you will now be permitted to enter the paddock with your vehicle. Parking will be determined by Feld representatives. You must park where they designate you to park.
  • At AMA Tech Inspection on Friday from 9am-10am, you will need to bring your bike and helmet with eject system installed for inspection. You will also pick up your event transponder at this time. 
  • After tech inspection on Friday morning, practice will begin at 11:30am. Please refer to the Friday and Saturday Schedule of Events at
  • Please refer to the Supercross Futures Supplemental Rulebook for more information and qualifying procedures.

How do I ask more questions about Supercross Futures?

Call 703-749-5563
E-Mail [email protected]