Story by Pete Peterson

Round 6 of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross season saw Progressive Insurance ECSTAR Suzuki’s Ken Roczen snag the Holeshot in front of 56,627 fans inside State Farm Stadium. Back in the pack, Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Cooper Webb and Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence came together on the opening lap, with Lawrence diverting temporarily off the track. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Aaron Plessinger pressured Roczen early for the top spot, but a small crash entering a turn put Plessinger all the way back to 19th spot. Webb made some passes and reached as high as fourth place, but would drop back later in the race. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Chase Sexton, the points leader going into Glendale, was riding with an injured hand and salvaged ninth place points. When the checkered flag came out Ken Roczen took the win in convincing fashion, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jason Anderson rode nearly unchallenged to second place, and Jett Lawrence grabbed third place after taking it from Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Eli Tomac late in the race.

Ken Roczen

Ken Roczen – First Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “Ken’s getting older now and I think these wins are much sweeter. Obviously he’s got the speed, he’s got the intensity, and he’s got the fitness. The way the beginning of the season started for him, that was kind of wild going down in the first turn [at A1]. And he just hadn’t seemed to quite get the momentum going. But I definitely wasn’t surprised [with his win]. He definitely looked like he had the speed, he just needed to get a start, which is critical these days, and he did just that in Glendale, and led every lap. He just rode his own race, which was great to see..”  

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson – Second Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “Every now and again he has these surprising rides. I feel like a lot of guys maybe underestimate him. He’s got a lot of speed, his fitness is there, you know, everything’s in tune. And when he gets a good start he rarely makes mistakes. He rode consistently [in Glendale], and it just seems like things are really coming together for him. I should go back to A1 – he rode really good and he started [the season] off with a podium. And overall I like what I saw [from him] at A2; that was pretty impressive. This year’s been really challenging with how deep the field has been, but he has been just kind of quietly there. Then in Glendale he was solid and was not far off of Kenny at the end. He had those two mud races in there which really threw things for a whirlwind, but the points are [still] close.” 

Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence – Third Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “He obviously got not too great of a start, then he had that moment that first lap when he went off the track. But he put in a hard charge. I think at one point he was back there in 10th, and he got all the way up to third and was closing in on Jason. It was a pretty impressive ride. I think he’s just another guy you should never underestimate. He’s a rookie but he’s got a lot of speed. He’s went through a rough patch at the beginning of this year, trying to figure things out and get it right. Then getting that win in Detroit and now [with his performance in Glendale], I think he’s getting the bugs worked out. He’s going to be a threat, for sure, for the rest of the year.” 

Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac – Fourth Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “It was great to see Tomac put in a solid ride. After Detroit he was looking to rebound and he did just that, but he did lose a point [in the overall standings]. I don’t know Eli, but knowing as a rider, I think he’s definitely wanting more and I think he just needs to get the ball rolling in the right direction, and that was a move in the right direction [in Glendale]. So I think you’ll definitely see more good things to come from him. As for his fitness, he had all last year off after Supercross, so it’s like – the body, the fitness, the bike – I think he’s getting the kinks all worked out.” 

Cooper Webb

Cooper Webb – Seventh Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “With Coop, I was a little surprised. In the beginning it looked like he was moving forward through the pack. And then he got around the Honda boys and got shuffled around a little bit; it looked like it just took away his flow, his groove… I think he just kind of got out of rhythm. And once that happens, it’s hard as a rider to get back into that rhythm, or back in the flow, I should say… But then he made a couple passes right at the tail end and he finished the race strong… I’m sure he’s disappointed with the performance. I think he rode good but he definitely would want to be up on the podium.” 

Chase Sexton

Chase Sexton – Ninth Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “Like he said on the broadcast, he had a crash on Tuesday and was debating if he was even going to be able to race this weekend. But thankfully nothing was broken. I haven’t really spoken with him much, but obviously in those situations you’re just trying to do the best you can. I think it’s important that he did race and salvaged some points. He lost the points lead but he’s still very much in contention. He’s not in a huge deficit by any means. Now the racing takes a weekend off, which I think comes at a great time so he can focus on resting up; hopefully that’ll be enough to return to Dallas feeling 100%.” 

Aaron Plessinger

Aaron Plessinger – Tenth Place – 450SX Class. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Ryan Dungey’s insights: “He is having a great year. His speed’s there, he’s looking fit; it looks like the package is coming together… So he got the start [in Glendale], he put himself in a good position, he’s got the intensity and everything’s looking good. Sometimes as a rider, it’s like, ‘Okay, we need to get this win.’ At least get another one. I think that win in the mud in San Diego was big, but for him to do it again, back it up and let these guys know he is a threat, it just sets the tone for himself and for the field… You could tell he was ready to go for the lead and battle with Kenny – and then coming into that slick corner he just tucks the front and loses it… And once that happens, you’re kind of in the back and you’ve lost touch with the front. It was heartbreaking for him, but overall he’s riding really good and has just got to clean up those little things… It would have been a huge opportunity if he could have won, or even gotten second. Second wouldn’t have been bad, but then when you tip it over – I know how I was on myself. You’re so mad at yourself because it was all on you, you know? You made that mistake, but sometimes as a racer, you’re like, ‘There he is. He’s within reaching distance. And I can make the pass and put myself up front and have clear track.’ And sometimes you get a little ahead of yourself and then – boom!, all of the sudden you lose the front. It’s a mistake we all make and it’s not uncommon… I think throughout the year he’s only going to get better and better, and he’s been showing that since the start [of the season]. So I’m excited for him and excited for his season to unfold. 

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