On Friday, October 28, James Stewart was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame at the annual ceremony held in Pickerington, Ohio. Stewart was presented with the prestigious Hall of Fame ring by fellow alumni Broc Glover.  


James Stewart

Broc Glover presenting James Stewart with the prestigious Hall of Fame ring. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports


James Stewart

James Stewart with his children after being inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports


“I want to thank the AMA…this is such an honor,” Stewart said in an emotional acceptance speech. “I was never the coo; I wanted to ride motorcycles. But now, when you say my name, it’s Hall of Famer James Stewart. Out of all the things I accomplished in my career, this is the best part. This is like winning the ultimate championship. It’s amazing!” 


Historical Timeline:


At age four, James “Bubba” Stewart competes in his first-ever motocross event.



Stewart finishes second overall in the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship 51cc Stock, 4-8 Yr. Old Class.



Stewart wins his first Loretta Lynn’s title in the 51cc 7-8 Yr. Old Class.


1996 – 2001:

Stewart racks up nine more Loretta Lynn’s titles bringing his Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship title count to 11. He is credited with 84 amateur race victories.


2002 Supercross:

Stewart turns pro and competes in the 2002 125cc Western Regional Supercross Championship. He earns his first professional victory in Rd. 2 of the series in San Diego. Stewart would lose the title to Travis Preston by a mere seven points but wins the East/West Showdown in Las Vegas.


2002 Pro Motocross:

On May 12th Stewart wins his first Pro Motocross race on his first try, Rd. 1 at Glen Helen Raceway. He would win the second round as well and 10 of 12 overalls to dominate the series by 138 points over soon-to-be career rival Chad Reed.


2003 – 2004:

Stewart wins back-to-back 125cc Supercross titles, one Western (2003) and one Eastern (2004).

On the Pro Motocross side, Stewart finished third in 2003 and won his second Pro Motocross title in 2004. His 125cc career ends with two Pro Motocross titles and two Supercross titles and remains the all-time leader in both categories for wins (16 SX and 28 MX).


2005 Supercross:

In his first Premier Class race, Stewart finishes fifth at Anaheim 1 but unfortunately is injured in Rd. 2. His return in Rd. 11 in Orlando saw his first career Premier Class podium with a third. The next Rd. in Irving, Texas would see his first career Premier Class victory. He would go on to win two more races in this rookie season campaign and finish 10th in the point standings even though he missed 10 of the 16 rounds.


2005 Pro Motocross:

Stewart battles adversity and injuries on his way to a 12th-place finish in his rookie Premier Class Pro Motocross season. He earned three overall podiums along the way and missed five of the 12 races.


2006 – 2007:

Stewart finishes fourth in Premier Class Pro Motocross and runner-up in Premier Class Supercross (behind Ricky Carmichael) before taking over the reins of the sport by winning his first Premier Class title in the 2007 Supercross season.



Stewart misses the entire Supercross season but wins all 24 motos of the Pro Motocross season to earn his first and only Premier Class Motocross title.



After an incredible battle with 2-time Supercross Champion Chad Reed, Stewart claims his second and final Premier Class Supercross title. He did not race in the 2009 Pro Motocross Championship.


2010 – 2016:

Stewart did not place top-3 in any Championships after 2009, but his legacy was undeniable. Stewart competes in his last professional race on July 23, 2016, in Washougal, Washington finishing 15th overall. He officially announces his retirement on May 17, 2019. 


James Stewart

James Stewart’s famed #7 Kawasaki is now on display at the AMA Hall of Fame Museum. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports


Hall of Fame Worthy:

Adding to his three Premier Class titles and four 125cc titles, Stewart has 114 wins (including 125cc SX) and 98 AMA wins (not including 125cc SX). Stewart would also claim the 2006, 2007, and 2009 FIM World Supercross titles, the 2006 & 2008 Motocross Des Nations titles, and a Silver Medal in the 2009 X-Games for, “Best Whip.”


Career Statistics:

– 125cc Supercross: 16 wins, 19 podiums/top-fives, 20 top-10’s, 2 Championships (2003 & 2004), &

2 East/West Showdown victories. Most all-time wins in this class of Supercross racing.

– 125cc Pro Motocross: 28 overall wins/podiums/top-fives, 30 top-10’s, 2 Championships (2002 & 2003). Most all-time wins in this class of Pro Motocross racing.

Premier Class Supercross: 120 starts (23rd all-time currently), 50 wins (2nd all-time),

75 podiums (7th all-time), 86 top-fives (9th all-time), 100 top-10’s (17th all-time),

2 Championships (2007 & 2008), 3 FIM World Supercross Championships (2006, 2007, & 2009). 

Premier Class Pro Motocross: 20 wins (6th all-time), 1 Championship (won all 24 motos in 2008)

Total: 2nd all-time in AMA wins with 98, behind Ricky Carmichael and ahead of Jeremy McGrath. 


James Stewart

James Stewart on the set of his “Bubba’s World” podcast. Photo Credit: Cole Beach Photography