Aaron Plessinger is likely out for the remainder of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season after suffering a broken arm.

A press release from Red Bull KTM stated that Plessinger suffered a crash while practicing on Wednesday morning, resulting in a broken radius bone in his arm. Red Bull KTM adds that Plessinger will undergo surgery as soon as possible, and his healing time has not yet been fully determined.

“I was having a great day training today but unfortunately a pretty simple get-off resulted in a broken radius bone,” said Plessinger. “I’m super disappointed as I felt like I was starting to find my groove this week. We made a lot of progress testing, so I’m upset that all our hard work in recent weeks has come to an abrupt end for the season. I’ll do what needs to be done to recover fully but will most likely miss the remainder of the Supercross season.”

Plessinger was 10th in the points following last weekend’s race in Minneapolis.