450SX Main Event Results

Blake Baggett

1. Blake Baggett

2. Jason Anderson

3. Ken Roczen

4. Eli Tomac

5. Marvin Musquin

6. Justin Barcia

7. Justin Brayton

8. Dean Wilson

9. Cole Seely

10. Cooper Webb

11. Aaron Plessinger

12. Vince Friese

13. Justin Hill

14. Chad Reed

15. Justin Bogle

16. Kyle Chisholm

17. Alex Ray

18. Carlen Gardner

19. Ben LaMay

20. Ronnie Stewart

21. Cheyenne Harmon

22. Malcolm Stewart

250SX Main Event Results

Adam Cianciarulo

1. Adam Cianciarulo

2. Colt Nichols

3. Shane McErath

4. Rj Hampshire

5. James Decotis

6. Dylan Ferrandis

7. Chris Blose

8. Sean Cantrell

9. Garrett Marchbanks

10. Michael Mosiman

11. Cameron McAdoo

12. Jess Pettis

13. Robbie Wageman

14. Justin Starling

15. Dylan Merriam

16. Martin Castelo

17. Jacob Hayes

18. Devin Harriman

19. Deegan Vonloss

20. Jerry Robin

21. Enzo Lopes

22. Mitchell Harrison

450SX Heat 2 results:

Justin Brayton

1. Justin Brayton

2. Chad Reed

3. Vince Friese

4. Blake Baggett

5. Aaron Plessinger

6. Jason Anderson

7. Justin Hill

8. Ken Roczen

9. Ben LaMay

10. Eli Tomac

450SX Heat 1 results:

Marvin Musquin

1. Marvin Musquin

2. Cole Seely

3. Malcolm Stewart

4. Justin Barcia

5. Cooper Webb

6. Dean Wilson

7. Justin Bogle

8. Alex Ray

9. Carlen Gardner

10. Austin Politelli

250SX Heat 2 results:

Colt Nichols

1. Colt Nichols

2. James DeCotis

3. Dylan Ferrandis

4. Michael Mosiman

5. Cameron McAdoo

6. Mitchell Harrison

7. Chris Blose

8. Garrett Marchbanks

9. Justin Starling

10. Carson Brown

250SX Heat 1 results:

Adam Cianciarulo

1. Adam Cianciarulo

2. Shane McElrath

3. RJ Hampshire

4. Jacob Hayes

5. Martin Castelo

6. Sean Cantrell

7. Jerry Robin

8. Deegan Vonloss

9. Robbie Wageman

Before the night show starts here is some inside information from our man on the ground, Shane Doyle:

Shane Doyle

The qualifying sessions are over and the grid is set for the night show. Here are some high lights from the practice sessions that took place this afternoon.

250SX Qualifying

It was a lap for lap  battle in timed qualifying between Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis with the two each leading a qualifying session, but it would be the French import who got the last lap and the over all pole position. While last weeks race winner, Colt Nichols, looked smooth all day and proved his consistency by qualifying third for the night show. RJ Hampshire was also fast early on and landed himself in the 4th spot.

450SX Qualifying

A surprising Malcolm Stewart threw down fast laps early on in the day leading the first free practice session, but after all was said and done he would qualify 6th. Defending champion Jason Anderson showed his riding ability by jumping rhythms that no other rider had their sights on, he would end up in the 5th spot. It was rookie Justin Hill who would take the pole position in qualifying this afternoon. Following Hill in second would be Cooper Webb, who finished 5th in last weekends season opener.  Finishing up in third is the 2017 Phoenix Supercross winner Eli Tomac who is a strong favorite for the night. Marvin Musquin would take the 4th spot despite a challenging and long set of whoops. And it was the whoops that bit Aaron Plessinger in the last practice session who would qualify 18th

-Shane Doyle

Final 450SX Qualifying Session Results:

Justin Hill

1. Justin Hill

2. Cooper Webb

3. Eli Tomac

4. Marvin Musquin

5. Jason Anderson

6. Malcolm Stewart

7. Justin Brayton

8. Joey Savatgy

9. Ken Roczen

10. Cole Seely

Final 250SX Qualifying Session Results:

Dylan Ferrandis

1. Dylan Ferrandis

2. Adam Cianciarulo

3. Colt Nichols

4. RJ Hampshire

5. James DeCotis

6. Shane McElrath

7. Michael Mosiman

8. Jacob Hayes

9. Cameron McAdoo

10. Enzo Lopes

Looks like Dean Wilson is still feeling it.

450SX Qualifying Session 1 Results:

Jason Anderson

1. Jason Anderson

2. Malcolm Stewart

3. Justin Hill

4. Marvin Musquin

5. Justin Brayton

6. Cole Seely

7. Chad Reed

8. Joey Savatgy

9. Ken Roczen

10. Eli Tomac

250SX Qualifying Session 1 Results:


1. Dylan Ferrandis

2. Adam Cianciarulo

3. Colt Nichols

4. Jimmy DeCotis

5. RJ Hampshire

6. Shane McElrath

7. Jacob Hayes

8. Jerry Robin

9. Michael Mosiman

10. Chris Blose

450SX Free Practice Results!

Malcolm Stewart

1. Malcolm Stewart

2. Justin Hill

3. Jason Anderson

4. Cooper Webb

5. Joey Savatgy

6. Justin Barcia

7. Eli Tomac

8. Ken Roczen

9. Marvin Musquin

10. Dean Wilson

Here is the Dunlop Track Conditions Report for Glendale!

Rider Track Walk just concluded and we have some words from our @SupercrossLIVE correspondent Shane Doyle who runs the show for us on social media for Race Day!

Shane Doyle

(Shane Doyle) As rider track walk concludes here in Glendale, here’s a few things I gathered from talking to riders and industry personal.

Adam Cianciarulo: I asked AC how he felt about last weekend, his reply was simply “what weekend?”. AC seems to be looking at this as a fresh start and I think that is the best thing he can do. Keep in mind last weekends run in with RJ Hampshire as things could get interesting between the two tonight.

Justin Barcia: I didn’t talk to Justin on track walk, but I do believe out of the current points leaders Justin has the best chance of keeping the red plate tonight. As a two time 250SX champion, it is clear that Barcia knows how to keep the points lead even when it means taking second.

Marvin Musquin: As I was walking the track I came across Marv and his new riding coach David Vuillemin. As many of you know, DV was a great Supercross rider. As many of you also know, Marvin has always had a difficult time in the whoops. That being said I would look for Marv to be strong in the whoops tonight and see if working with DV pays off.

Eli Tomac: Theres really not much to say when it comes to ET3. He’s a man of few words and sticks to his small circle. There’s something that gels with Eli here in Glendale and I think we will see that tonight.

Chad Reed: First off, Chad Reed could get last place and STILL have the biggest autograph line in the pits. Coming into A1 I really expected CR22 to come out firing like he did at the Monster Energy Cup. Obviously that was not the case as the 22 found himself in the 450SX Last Chance Qualifier once again but rode well in the main. In talking with the team it sounds like they made a few adjustments to the bike this week, so I would look for the 22 to be back to his normal ways. Keep in mind that Chad got second here just two years ago. If there’s one thing I have learned about Chad, it’s that he rides VERY well when faced with adversity or people doubting him of any sort.

Jason Anderson: It’s no secret that A1 did not go well for the reigning champ. There have been whispers of a possible wrist injury but Jason and the team have said nothing of that sort. Look for El Hombre to bounce back here in Glendale.

Colt Nichols: Colt had a fantastic race last weekend in Anaheim! He came in completely under the radar as most of the focus was on his teammate Dylan Ferrandis, KTM rider Shane McElrath, and PC Kawasaki rider Adam Cianciarulo. This will be an interesting weekend for Colt to see what he can do now that he holds the points lead in the 250SX class.

-Shane Doyle

Welcome to Race Hub! Happy race day from Glendale, Arizona for Round 2 of Monster Energy Supercross! Enjoy some scenes from Press Day yesterday where some riders took on the massive track for the first time. Stay tuned for updates all day long!

Blake Baggett and Jim Holley talking about the track.

Blake Baggett

Justin Hill grabbing a handful of throttle.

Justin Hill

Mechanics chilling aboard their race bikes.


Dylan Ferrandis getting in his Race Day Live! interview.

Dylan Ferrandis

Could this be the last Glendale Supercross for Chad Reed?

Chad Reed

Colt Nichols charging with the 250SX red plates.

Colt Nichols

Do you place Blake Baggett in your RMFantasy.com picks for Glendale?

Blake Baggett

State Farm Stadium is a BIG Place!