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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in covering Monster Energy AMA Supercross, part of the 31-event SuperMotocross World Championship.


Supercross is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship in the world and as such certain criteria has been established for media professionals to apply for credentials. Media access is only provided to individuals on editorial assignment from accredited media outlets. As a general guideline, accredited media outlets are television stations or networks, radio stations or networks, magazines or newspapers, and in certain cases websites and podcasts that are reputable, recognized and routinely cover the sport.


If you meet the criteria above, please complete the form at the bottom of the page so we can learn more about your coverage request. Any remaining questions can be sent to the following email address: [email protected]


Please note: If you are approved and unable to attend the event, Feld PR must be notified as soon as possible before the event. Failure to inform Feld PR of non-attendance may result in further accreditation requests being refused. If a change of applicant is to be made, Feld PR must be notified as soon as possible, and in some cases may not be able to be accommodated.


Media Credentials


Media credentials can consist of several levels of access and must be kept on your person at-all- times. Access is determined based on needs for each media assignment. All photography and videography must go through the media credentialing process and be approved in writing through your Feld Motor Sports contact no later than two weeks in advance.


Media will be provided with a media vest or bib based on the level of access needed for the assignment as determined by Feld Motor Sports. Requests made after the deadline has passed WILL NOT be approved. Security trained to check credentials may ask you to provide identification to validate.


Please note: Media members are ONLY permitted to provide coverage for their assignment on record and are not allowed to post on personal accounts if on assignment.

  • If a photographer has been assigned to shoot for a specific media outlet – photos can only be used in the scope of that assignment and for that media outlet
  • As an example – you have been approved to cover A1 for Cycle News – your photographs can only be used in Cycle News – that is the assignment
  • Photographers need to refrain from distributing their work to third parties – teams, riders, sponsors, gear companies, etc.
    • At no time should photographs appear on a photographer’s social channels prior to the media outlet they were assigned to shoot for
    • Photographers cannot sell photographs or work for additional clients under this type of credential

On Site Info:


Press Box

  • The press box will be opened one hour prior to the start of practice & qualifying and doors being opened to the general-public. The press box will remain open until the last working media members have finished their assignment for the night.
  • Television monitors, Wi-Fi and a reserved workspace will be provided in the press box.

Photo Den

  • The photo den will be opened one hour prior to the start of practice & qualifying and doors being opened to the general-public. The photo den will remain open until the last working media members have finished their assignment for the night.
  • The photo den is a working media room for photographers who have track access and videographers that have podium access and is typically located at field level for easy access to the track and paddock.
  • A reserved workspace is provided in the photo den with tables, chairs, electrical outlets and a dedicated Wi-Fi service

Post-Race Press Conference

  • The post-race press conference will take place following the last Main Event in a predetermined location. Attending the post-race press conference is an expectation of your media credential.
  • The post-race press conference format is as follows: the top 3 from each class (450SX and 250SX) will address media members approximately 15 minutes after the last race. (e.g. – event concludes at 9 pm, post-race press conference will start at 9:15 pm).

Post-Race Media Scrum

  • A media scrum area will be set up in the paddock at the Supercross Relaxation Station (SX logoed trailers in center of paddock) where non-podiumed athletes can address the media. All non-podiumed athletes in both classes will be encouraged to participate. Please reach out to the team’s PR rep directly if there is someone specifically you would like to attend.
  • The post-race media scrum area is the only approved area in the paddock to conduct interviews after the race and will remain open for 75 minutes past the final event (e.g. - event concludes at 9 pm, media scrum and paddock will close at 10:15 pm).
  • Please be mindful that teams are trying to break down and depart after a long day. Post-race interviews will no longer be acceptable at team rigs – use the media scrum area for this purpose.

Feld Motor Sports Dress Guidelines


Feld Motor Sports (FMS) strives to maintain an environment that is well functioning and free from unnecessary distractions and conflicts. As part of that effort, FMS requests that any personnel granted access to the stadium floor, including videographers, photographers, utility technicians, audio support staff, engineers, producers, etc., who are working on or in close proximity to the racing or in any other highly visible or sensitive location inside the stadium to adhere to the dress code guidelines set forth below:

  • Black shirt and pants, no blue jeans
  • No shirts, hats, or apparel with inappropriate or indecent logos or markings
  • No sleeveless blouses or shirts
  • No crop tops and beachwear
  • No ripped, frayed, or disheveled clothing or athletic wear
  • No tight, revealing, or otherwise inappropriate clothing

Anyone who does not meet the FMS dress guidelines may be asked to leave his or her designated work area to change clothing.


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Our public relations department fields hundreds of requests each week from all over the globe so make sure to provide detailed information in your inquiry so we can properly vet your request.  


We look forward to seeing you at the races.