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Sexton Joins Elite Group

688 recorded riders have qualified for a 450SX Class Main Event with countless others who have attempted. Only 65 have made their way to the podium’s top-step including latest victor Chase Sexton. Sitting only one point away from the red-plate, Sexton is currently Honda’s best chance at securing their first 450SX Class title in 19 years.

Terrific Ten

Eli Tomac battled through the field to nab his 74th career podium and take the points lead away from Justin Barcia. Unfortunately for Tomac, he is leading the closest points battle through three races in the history of Supercross with only 14 points separating himself and 10th-place Dylan Ferrandis. Before 2019, the closest the top-10 were through three rounds was in 1997 when Doug Henry led 10th-place Mike Craig by 27 points. From 2019-2022 every season has been under that previous record (19 in 2019, 24 in 2020, 20 in 2021, and 14 in 2022) proving the racing has never been more competitive in Supercross history than in the last four seasons.

Who are the Underdogs?

Malcolm Stewart is the least accomplished rider of the terrific ten with no 450 titles, wins, or top-5 point-standing finishes. He has one podium in his 71 career 450SX Class starts and didn’t score a top five finish through his first 46 starts. He sits seven points off the red-plate and combines with Tomac as the only riders with top five finishes in each of the last two rounds. Aaron Plessinger was not viewed as a title contender pre-season with his one podium through 44 starts but has emerged on his new KTM with a career-best second place finish and two other top-10 finishes placing him only five points off the red-plate.

In the Hunt

After having his first 19 450SX Class starts scrutinized and analyzed, Dylan Ferrandis proved his Supercross naysayers wrong with a gutsy come-from-behind podium finish, just the second of his career and first since Round 2 of last season. As mentioned above, his surprising ride places him right in the thick of the points chase behind new teammate Eli Tomac.

450 Class Anaheim Facts

History Lesson: On December 4, 1976 Marty Smith raced to the first ever 450SX Class victory in Angel Stadium (formerly known as Anaheim Stadium) on his Honda. This is the only race in Supercross history that did not count for points that is included in historical records. The 1976 season had wrapped up in the Los Angeles Coliseum five months prior with Jimmy Weinert winning the championship by 10 points over 1974 champ Pierre Karsmakers. 1976 Anaheim was the first race to use the Heat Race/Main Event format.

A2: The first “A2” was on February 6, 1999 and Ezra Lusk won on a Honda. He won both Anaheim’s that season for the first “Anaheim Sweep”. There have only been four Anaheim sweeps since but only two of the three-race variety (2007 James Stewart & 2008 Chad Reed). 

No Coincidence: An incredible 15/22 (68%) riders who won “A2” went on to win the title, including Cooper Webb in 2019 and Eli Tomac in 2020. The series skipped Anaheim last year and will be making its 23rd stop for an “A2” in Supercross history this season. This will be Anaheim #78 in 450SX Class history.

Been There, Done That: Of the top-14 riders in the 450SX Class point standings, 10 of them have at least one 250SX or 450SX Class victory in Anaheim: Malcolm Stewart and Aaron Plessinger each have podiums but no wins. Chase Sexton (two eighths in 250SX Class) and Max Anstie (six starts, four top-10’s) are the other two exceptions.

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Victory at Last

Michael Mosiman gave himself and his brand (GASGAS) their first 250SX Class victory with a close win over a hard charging Hunter Lawrence. Mosiman took his checkers after 34 tries (sixth most all-time) and is the 118th different 250SX Class winner. GASGAS is the seventh different brand to win a 250SX Class race and first new brand winner since Zach Osborne put Husqvarna on the board in 2017 Atlanta.

Rare Occurence

Before Sexton and Mosiman pulled it off there had only been nine occurrences of having two first time winners in one round. The last time it happened was when Tomac (450SX Class) and Cooper Webb (250SX Class) did it in Phoenix on 1/10/2015. The seven years and 12-day gap is the longest between this happening in Supercross history. San Diego has seen this happen before on 1/22 when David Vuillemin (450SX Class) and Greg Schnell (250SX Class) did it in 2000.

Still Second

Finishing runner-up by a mere 1.3 seconds was Hunter Lawrence. He did gain points on Christian Craig for the red-plate and earned his seventh career 250SX Class podium. Only Craig and Lawrence have finished on the podium for all three rounds. 

Lose a Rider, Gain a Rider

Seth Hammaker and his 82% top-10 percentage (9/11) has been sidelined due to injury. Jalek Swoll returned from his opening round injury and scored his 16th career top-10 in 18 starts (89%) with a seventh.

250 Class Anaheim Facts

History Lesson: The first 250SX Class race held in Anaheim was on February 2, 1985 and Mike Healey won the race on a Suzuki. This will be the 70th time the gate will drop for a 250SX Class race in Anaheim.

A2: The first 250SX Class “A2” was February 6, 1999 and Nathan Ramsey won on a Kawasaki. Kawasaki has won half of the 250SX Class Anaheim 2’s (11/22) but Dylan Ferrandis and Shane McElrath won on Yamaha and KTM respectively in 2019 and 2020.

No Coincidence: The winner of A2 has gone onto win the 250SX Class Western Regional title in 14/22 seasons including 2020 A2 winner Dylan Ferrandis.

Craig’s to Lose: Anaheim has hosted 26 of the 37 250SX Class season openers including 2022 which was won by Christian Craig. Riders who sweep Anaheim are 4/5 in winning the title, the lone exception being Josh Hansen in 2011. This will be the 23rd time the gate will drop for a 250SX Class Anaheim 2 Main Event.

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