Triple Crown


supercross triple crown 2022


The Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown is an exciting new racing format that was implemented in 2018. Consisting of 3 races fans and racers alike get to experience three gate drops and holeshots!



  • The top 18 fastest riders qualify directly into the evenings' 3 races
  • Four additional riders advance into the races via an LCQ (the LCQs for Triple Crown races take place before the night's opening ceremonies)

Main Events:

  • 250SX = 3 races at 10 minutes + 1 lap
  • 450SX = 3 races at 12 minutes + 1 lap

Points/Scoring/Overall Results

  • The Triple Crown format uses an Olympic-Style Scoring System so 1st place = 1 point; 2nd place = 2 points, etc.
  • The rider with the LOWEST SCORE (ex. 1+1+1=3 if a rider wins all three Main Events) gets 1st place, and a full 26 regular championship points. 2nd overall pays 23 pts., 3rd overall pays 21 pts., etc.

Triple Crown Championship:


The Triple Crown is also a "championship within a championship," as a rider's results from the three Triple Crown races in Glendale, Arlington and St. Louis will be tallied to declare an official 2022 Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown Champion!


Cooper Webb
2019 Triple Crown Champion Cooper Webb!


2018 Triple Crown Recap Video