1. Justin Barcia

2. Ken Roczen

3. Eli Tomac

4. Dean Wilson

5. Cooper Webb

6. Aaron Plessinger

7. Malcolm Stewart

8. Marvin Musquin

9. Chad Reed

10. Cole Seely

11. Justin Brayton

12. Blake Baggett

13. Vince Friese

14. Jason Anderson

15. Justin Hill

16. Joey Savatgy

17. Carlen Gardner

18. Ben Lamay

19. Justin Bogle

20. Ryan Breece

21. Tyler Bowers

22. Kyle Chisholm


1. Colt Nichols

2. Dylan Ferrandis

3. Shane McElrath

4. Rj Hampshire

5. Adam Cianciarulo

6. Garrett Marchbanks

7. James DeCotis

8. Jacob Hayes

9. Chris Blose

10. Jess Pettis

11. Cameron MaCadoo

12. Michael Mosiman

13. Martin Castelo

14. Jerry Robin

15. Enzo Lopes

16. Sean Cantrell

17. Matthew Jorgensen

18. Bradley Lionnet

19. Brandon Leith

20. Carson Brown

21. Thomas Do

22. Logan Karnow

450SX Heat 2:

Justin Barcia

1. Justin Barcia

2. Malcolm Stewart

3. Blake Baggett

4. Justin Bogle

5. Eli Tomac

6. Marvin Musquin

7. Vince Friese

8. Justin Hill

9. Cooper Webb

10. Chad Reed

450SX Heat 1:

Ken Roczen

1. Ken Roczen

2. Dean Wilson

3. Aaron Plessinger

4. Cole Seely

5. Jason Anderson

6. Justin Brayton

7. Tyler Bowers

8. Joey Savatgy

9. Ryan Breece

10. Ben Lamay

250SX Heat 2 Top Ten:

Adam Cianciarulo

1. Adam Cianciarulo

2. Colt Nichols

3. Cameron McAdoo

4. Jacob Hayes

5. Michael Mosiman

6. Garrett Marchbanks

7. Brandon Leith

8. Martin Castelo

9. James DeCotis

10. Mathew Jorgen

UPDATE (7:20pm PT)

The rain has stayed away but the track is slick! The first 250SX Heat race of the night just took the checkered flag. Here is the top 10 of 250SX Heat 1:

1. Rj Hampshire

2. Shane McElrath

3. Enzo Lopes

4. Jess Pettis

5. Dylan Ferrandis

6. Carson Brown

7. Tomas Do

8. Sean Cantrell

9. Chris Blose

10. Logan Karnow

UPDATE (5:50pm PT)

The rain has held off and the track is in pretty decent condition. There is more rain in the forecast, but as we sit a little over an hour from opening ceremonies things are looking great. If the rains comes, it comes! There is a lot of buzz around the outstanding qualifying performances by Dean Wilson, Blake Baggett, Malcolm Stewart and Justin Brayton. The track looks like it is going to lend itself to some great racing, especially if the rain holds off. The stadium is beginning to fill and the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship is set to begin! Stay tuned to @SupercrossLIVE social channels and this article for up to minute reports!

That wraps up qualifying for the Monster Energy Supercross Season Opener from Anaheim! How about that 450SX top 10! There are some big surprises as the clouds are getting darker and the rain is lurking heavy. Will it hold off? Will it be a mudder? One thing is for sure, it is going to be exciting! 

Final 450SX Group A Qualifying Session top 10:

Blake Baggett

1. Blake Baggett

2. Dean Wilson

3. Malcolm Stewart

4. Justin Brayton

5. Eli Tomac

6. Jason Anderson

7. Cooper Webb

8. Ken Roczen

9. Joey Savatgy

10. Justin Hill

Final 250SX Group A Qualifying Session top 10:

Adam Cianciarulo

1. Adam Cianciarulo

2. Dylan Ferrandis

3. James Decotis

4. Shane McElrath

5. Colt Nichols

6. Rj Hampshire

7. Michael Mosiman

8. Chris Blose

9. Jacob Hayes

10. Enzo Lopez

First 450SX Group A Qualifying Session top 10:

Justin Barcia

1. Justin Barcia

2. Eli Tomac

3. Joey Savatgy

4. Blake Baggett

5. Jason Anderson

6. Justin Bogle

7. Ken Roczen

8. Justin Hill

9. Malcolm Stewart

10. Cole Seely

First 250SX Group A Qualifying session top 10:

Dylan Ferrandis

1. Dylan Ferrandis

2. Adam Cianciarulo

3. Colt Nichols

4. Rj Hampshire

5. Shane McElrath

6. Jimmy DeCotis

7. Jacob Hayes

8. Chris Blose

9. Michael Mosiman

10. Cameron McAdoo

Enjoy these scenes from the first 250 and 450 Group A practice of 2019!

And the 450 Group A fliers just completed their first practice! Here was the top 10:

1. Eli Tomac

2. Justin Brayton

3. Jason Anderson

4. Ken Roczen

5. Dean Wilson

6. Malcolm Stewart

7. Justin Barcia

8. Joey Savatgy

9. Cooper Webb

10. Marvin Musquin

And the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross an FIM World Championship is officially underway with the first practice session! The 250 Group C is on the track breaking in the course and getting their timing down on the jumps. Stay tuned for video footage of 250 and 450 group A coming up at 12:20pm (PT) and 12:30pm (PT). 

Rider Track Walk and Rider’s Meeting just concluded! Don’t forget that Race Day Live! kicks off soon! Tune in at 4:00pm EST on NBC Sports Gold if you’re inside the United States or fire up the Supercross Video Pass if you’re an international fan! Stay tuned to @SupercrossLIVE and this article here for updates all day!

Eli Tomac

Malcolm Stewart

It’s race day, ladies and gentlemen! There is nothing like the season opener at Anaheim and this year’s event is poised to be wild as ever. Race Hub will be your connection to all things happening in the pits on the track and everywhere at Angel Stadium. For right now, it’s a cloudy and very cool morning. However the electricity is in the air! Stay tuned for more.


Don’t forget Race Day Live! Kicks off at 4pm EST!

Back and all new for the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, Race Day Live! offers a special insider look at the stars of the sport as they navigate qualifying at the races. Hosted by Daniel Blair with color commentary by Supercross legend, Jim Holley, Race Day Live! is particularly exciting for the Monster Enegry Supercross Season Opener at Anaheim. The show will display the racers with their new gear, on the new bikes and for the four exciting rookies in the 450SX class (Savatgy, Plessinger, Hill and Osborne) it will be the first opportunity to catch them on the track to see how they stack up against the veterans of the premier division. Tune in at 4:00pm EST on NBC Sports Gold if you’re inside the United States or fire up the Supercross Video Pass is you’re an international fan!